Success Stories

What inspires people to speak enthusiastically about the center and Dr. Meymand?

People love coming to our Center because they are treated with kindness, respect and warmth, but most importantly because Dr. Meymand is an exceptionally skilled doctor who delivers the results her patients are looking for.

When my wife Linda was diagnosed with cervical cancer, it was shocking to our entire family. After she underwent surgery and radiation, we believed she was cured. How Naive! Six years later we learned the cancer had metastasized to her lungs. Her oncologist told us she could not be cured, but with chemotherapy treatments, she could delay the inevitable. At that point, my younger daughter went on a frantic search for a better answer. This search resulted in finding Dr. June Meymand. Unlike the traditional medical advice we had received, Dr. Meymand explained how she could help strengthen Linda’s natural immune system to help fight the disease. Linda signed on to the program and the results have been beyond anything we could imagine. At the same time, Linda began more rounds of chemo, and the combination of a two-prong attach gave her additional strength and endurance throughout the regimen.
Today, four years later, Linda is still with us. Dr. Meymand has been there for us not only in providing well-researched nutritional support but also on a very personal level at doctor’s appointments where next steps in Linda’s treatment program have been discussed from different angles. She has sought out research options and recommended alliances with doctors who are on board with cutting-edge programs. We have come across no one else who can hold a candle to Dr. Meymand’s compassion and relentless determination to think outside the box in living with cancer.


Dallas, TX

I was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer that had metastasized to the chest and neck lymph nodes. I was given 3-6 months to live. I had heard of Dr. Meymand’s exceptionally successful protocols and got into see her immediately.
Three years later I am handling the few traditional treatments very well thanks to Dr. Meymand’s recommended program. I have been able to carry on my normal daily life. Dr. Meymand’s warm, effective care has given me good health and confidence that it will stay that way.


Sherman, TX

Your dedication, treatment, care and love will always be remembered.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I did exactly the tests and treatments Dr. June recommended and my lung cancer, according to this month’s MRI has shrunk 50%! I highly recommend Dr. June to everyone fighting cancer. I go about my business each day and life is good for me and my family. Don’t let cancer get you down. See what a difference Dr. June makes.


Dallas, TX

What a difference it makes in dealing with a cancer diagnosis to have a doctor on your team who is also a patient advocate. Dr. June Meymand promotes and encourages a team approach to remission and wellness that includes nutritional balance and an optimal immune system working in combination with the best of western medicine and every other conceivable option to promote a patient’s well-being and desire for life. Don’t come to Dr. Meymand if you’re not “in it to win it!” as I’ve heard one patient explain her own journey.
On a personal level, Dr. Meymand has been by my side at appointments to discuss and determine treatment options and to identify the very best pre and post-op programs for speedy recoveries. She challenges the limits of my parochial vantage and broadens the search for positive results to include the very latest international research. With Dr. June Meymand on my side, I know I’m in very good hands, indeed!


Dallas, TX

My sister came to you nine years ago. She had breast cancer and through your help she went into remission. She went back to life as usual. Three years later it was back, this time in her bones. Again she saw you and your son, Dr. Bahram and all her oncologists. She went into remission and again went back to her life.
Years later the cancer returned and was in her lungs. The other doctors gave her a couple of months to live. She returned to you and her team of doctors and she worked, lived and loved while under treatments for the next 18 months. Your dedication, treatment, care and love will always be remembered. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Dallas, TX

Dr. Meymand’s warm, effective care has given me good health and confidence that it will stay that way.

I feel great and look great too!

My blood sugar was 800 and I was just getting out of the hospital when I went back to my doctor. Dr. June put me on a specific program for my body and within six months my blood sugar was balanced and my medications have been reduced to almost none. I feel great and look great too! This is my doctor for life.


Cairo, Egypt

I had a fever of 103 and nothing would bring it down. My wife took me to my doctor’s office who immediately admitted me to the hospital. After a couple of days of tests, the big word came out. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer and I was given chemotherapy.
By September 1998 the doctor scheduled a meeting with my family to tell them the progression of the myeloma. I would not live past 3 months and was told to get my affairs in order because now was the time.
As we left the office, we decided against any more chemotherapy and headed toward alternative medicine. I found Dr. June and soon thereafter she began to study the results of my blood in a way that I have never seen done before. She sent me home with a formula including specific nutrition, juices, natural medicines, and exercise that was designed for me.
By January 1999 Dr. Meymand said to me, “Clem it’s time to do a blood workup to see where we are.” I returned to the same oncologist for the blood work due to insurance requirements. The doctor, the nurses, the secretary, and everyone in the clinic were completely shocked. They found NO TRACE OF CANCER CELLS in the bloodstream.
The doctor had some doubt and repeated the tests. Again, the result was the same. NO CANCER CELLS! She finally ordered two different samples of blood and sent one to Presbyterian hospital in Dallas and the other to a lab in California – Same Result- NO CANCER CELLS.
It has been 7 years now and I feel GREAT!


Dallas, TX