Individualized Battle Plan

Cancer Secrets of the Masters - Creating an Individualized Battle Plan

Available to all of The Healing Arts Cancer and Wellness Center patients: a powerful and effective test called Micro-Array Chemosensitivity Testing

Micro-Array Chemosensitivity Testing

In the past, oncology has utilized a simple test to determine which chemotherapeutic agents will work for patients with a certain type of cancer. In this test, points and cellular-viability techniques were applied. Micro-Array Chemosensitivity analysis gives us the ability to go deeper and test the expression of multiple genes at the same time.

  • What if you and your doctor could tell, through tests, which are the top two chemotherapeutic agents that will work specifically on your DNA and specific type of cancer?
  • If the cancer has a resistance of some kind, what will break down that resistance and allow the specific chemotherapy to be even more effective? Many malignancies exhibit an initial response to so-called targeted drugs, but then become resistant.
  • What alternative medicines and supplements work in conjunction with this specific chemotherapy to keep you as strong and healthy as possible while under treatment?

Micro-Array Chemosensitivity Testing answers these questions!

However, in the U.S. the vast majority of this work is being done in clinical trials and won’t be widely available to the public for an unknown amount of time. That is why we send our tests to Europe, where Chemosensitivity Testing is available at one of the finest laboratories in the world. Our test results are returned within two weeks. In European nations, if there is something that may help save lives, they use it! We strongly abide by this philosophy.

Why Is This Better?


Previous techniques are based mainly on the viability of colorimetric techniques and they have a high rate of false positive and false negative results. Those incidents are dramatically reduced when using micro-array.


Previous techniques require 40 days or more to complete the analysis. Micro-array needs only 6-7 days.


No Need for Tissue Samples.

Previous techniques could only use tissue samples which are not always available or easy to obtain, especially in advanced stages of disease for a patient who has had multiple treatments. Micro-array can be made by isolation of circulating cancer cells in the blood.

More Specifics

Previous techniques cannot provide the clinician with many details about the potentials of cancer for a specific patient. Micro-array reveals information concerning metastatic ability of the tumor, the resistance mechanism and how it can be reversed. These are critical points to focus on during treatment if we are to gain and maintain remission.

Previous techniques using cell culture development only test a cell line from a tissue sample. The problem with this is that this is only one subclone from the total metastatic cancer cell population. Micro-array involves all the metastatic subclones from the tumor.



What does this mean to the patient?


Increase your chances of winning this battle with cancer.

Less Guess Work

Reduce the guessing game of which chemotherapy MIGHT work for you, thereby decreasing your potential therapy time and trials.

Get Back to Your Life

Get back to work, home and family as soon and as economically as possible. This should be standard for all people fighting cancer.

Nutritional Care



We design an individualized nutritional program to make your cancer treatments more effective and keep you as healthy as possible during your fight. The program will be specifically formulated to your blood laboratory results, your cancer treatments and medicines. The program will include diet, prescription nutrients, supplements and exercise to enhance the effectiveness of your treatments.


An individual may not only have a pre-disposition to a certain type of cancer, but also to the way their body responds to the cancer and treatments. Different cancer treatments use various types of drugs which can cause a myriad of nutritional deficiencies. ALL DRUGS cause drug-induced nutritional deficiencies, even those that we need. Most patients receive I.V. vitamins when taking chemotherapy; however, it is not a one size fits all dose. It is specialized to what their body specifically needs.

Ask yourself a simple question: Would a 100-pound woman need the same vitamins, minerals, etc. as a 240-pound man? Of course not.

Why Is This Important?

Quality of Life

The longer you can survive with a good quality of life and cellular function, the better your chance of winning the battle. Your body requires a specific program individually designed for your treatments, your lifestyle and your life.


The Healing Arts Cancer and Wellness Center doctors have many years of experience working with cancer patients and their particular needs. Oncologists, internists, and other specialists are not typically well trained in clinical nutrition. However, clinical nutrition is our area of expertise. Our credentials include an additional three years of study beyond our doctoral degrees.

Education and Training

Our doctors have received their education and training from all over the world. Whenever a treatment, new or ancient, is proven successful, one of the doctors will learn about it, and bring it to our clinic for you.