About Us

Healing Arts Integrated Cancer and Wellness Center

Assisting people to live healthier, longer and higher-quality lives through the protocol of Essential Medicine. Essential Medicine means that our team of experts dedicates their time, knowledge and heart to understanding each patient’s complex and individual needs.

Since the inception of this Center, our focus is on diverse, vital programs for each patient through an array of constantly evolving techniques offered throughout the world. From a large selection of healing methods, we choose the program most suited to the individual person.

  • 40% of Cancer Patients Die of Starvation


This alarming statistic emphasizes the critical importance of maintaining a healthy biochemistry in order to continue treatments. At the clinic, a well-qualified doctor will discover the cause of imbalance in each individual’s body through a series of tests and analysis that require up to ten hours of the doctor’s time to complete.

Once a diagnosis of the cause of imbalance has been made, an individualized course of treatment will be designed for the patient. Treatments will complement and support other medical methods being administered.